Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation Management System is our own developed system. This TMS allows V. Cargo and customers to track on our drivers and staffs for real time performances daily. The system is first complete information of delivery by each site manager. Each driver has their own smart phone which has been downloaded the TMS application.

The driver will get a login username and password that are personally created by IT person. After each driver logs into their own username and password, there will be a job selection that each site manager has already assigned for each driver. After loading, the driver has to click for acceptance on the TMS application that the loading has been completed. When each job has been delivered, the drivers have to complete the job by taking pictures and submitting them on the application. By submitting the pictures, the system will remember the location of where the driver took the picture, also it will how the long and latitude.

War-room is assigned to monitor the system, if the drivers have completed their jobs on time daily. This system allows us to evaluate our drivers' performance. We can analyze the data from the system to adjust our services efficiency to meet our customers' expectations.

Transportation Management
System has 10 main working processes.

  • Car Information Management
  • Driver Information Management
  • Customer Information Management.
  • Management of the place of origin / destination
  • Receipts and Transport Documents
  • Transport Planning Module
  • Tracking and Updating Transportation Situation Module
  • GPS tracking.
  • Car Maintenance
  • Reporting

Tracking delivery status by TMS

  • Input Data
  • Real-time Delivery Report
  • KPI Report
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Trace & Track

Benefits from TMS

  • Cost Reduction on Delivery
  • Knowing the vehicle usage and transportation costs clearly
  • Can track the transport information
  • To increase the ability to deliver on time
  • Manage the car efficiently

Trace & Track and Delivery Control by the Efficiency of TMS (TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM )

  • API System
  • Routing Preparation
  • Close Delivery Control Sheet of each truck
  • Real Time Delivery Control and Reporting System
  • COD System
  • KPI Report
  • Cost Reduction on Delivery
  • Daily Operating Report