V.Cargo strive to be the leading organization in the business of the services which we provide to meet our customers' needs and expectations. Based on client business need, our team can do the most successful and efficient shipment options available. With 30 years’ experience in the delivering service. Our transportation arm has fleet of owned & leased trucks & trailers to meet our customers haulage needs. Our trucking services is optimized because we will check previously all required for your cargo.

We have different procedures for shipping your goods, air, road or sea we make an ultra-personalized and trustworthy shipping. Moreover, trucking we are moving in world with a Sea Freight or Air freight services. V.Cargo can offer you also multi-modal solutions, which means we offer more than one stop service, in many cases, air and sea and in other cases the air, sea and road. The multi-modal way the most common of the expedition is called inter-modal truck with pickup and delivery. Our transportation services into the China regions Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam through China, Singapore and Malaysia. Trucking and Project & Breakbulk Cargoes and Local delivery B2B, B2C, C2C.

B2B Service

V.Cargo is serving customers who need deliver cargo to business locations. These are modern trade companies, convenient store, retail companies, trading firms, general offices and etc.

B2B Services can be divided into 2 categories.

  • Domestics
  • International and Cross-Border


Transportation Service Shipping to all regions of Thailand. V.Cargo have all types of delivery with more than 1,000 vehicles can deliver the transport process can be organized to suit the needs of customers effectively.

 International and Cross-Border

Our range of operation covers the entire country as well as a few strategic areas in neighboring countries such as China, CLMV, Singapore and Malaysia. Cross border to be operated for both inbound and outbound.